Kikay si Kat

“Combined with good skincare, this makes me look like I’m lit from within. My mood is a lot better, less occurrences of rapid cycling and depression for my bipolar disorder. Sleep is a lot deeper and I wake up feeling refreshed, compared to not taking this.”

VanityRoom PH

“All in all, I like the effect of the Glutaredox Sublingual Glutathione. It really made my skin lighter and smoother. Honestly, it works like Gluta IV and Gluta Drip. I can even recommend it than having glutathione drip or injection because it is way cheaper and safer.”

Sparklie Candy

“I’ve just finished the 2 months supply and I couldn’t be any more satisfied. During my first week of taking it I really felt light and energized. It just felt different to take the tablet under the tongue but I got used to it after a while. I didn’t notice the instant effect after just taking one tablet but my skin is finer now and I stopped breaking out easily. I also noticed that my pimple marks is gradually lightened.”

Doll Hana

“Aside from the whitening effect on my skin, what I liked most about it is that I generally felt better. I didn’t feel so tired waking up in the mornings, and I had extra energy to spare for late nights. I got better sleep, too. My skin also seemed healthier and more vibrant.”

Arisse De Santos

“Aside from its whitening effect, I was sold here because it helps with the immune system as well as body performance. It’s been 2 weeks since I took this and honestly I’ve been feeling better! It also helped with my mood, so that’s a big factor for me!”

Gretchen Gatan

“These last two months that I was taking Glutaredox, I saw and felt the difference in my skin and hair! I was getting less hair fall and breakage, plus my skin looked flawless and radiant.”

Pia Padre

“First 2 tablets and I stopped having oily face and my pores closed. After a week, I got less acne and my face just cleared up! AND it also works a liver detox,
anti-oxidant & anti-ageing.”

Red Dayon

“In a nutshell, I can say that it is EFFECTIVE. Seven days after I started taking Glutaredox I noticed that my skin appeared healthy and glowing, the pores and fine lines on my face are less noticeable and my face was less oily. “

Justin Hernandez

“I’ve been exposed to a lot of beach sunlight last summer because I have no choice, It’s been demanded by the shooting team. 🎬 Now, i’m glad that I can freely take sunlight again without hesitation. Thanks to Glutaredox. “

Charmie Lagaso

“This is effective. It works just like a glutathione drip just like advertised. You can take it anywhere too. Hassle free. “

John Custodio

“After just 9 days, I became whiter and I noticed a glow. The effects is just like an IV glutathione. It is also a plus that its like candy. “

Grace Villanueva

“The packaging is super handy and it does not take up a lot of space. I became more energetic and less tired. Defintely less stressed. I was like really glowing. Like glowing from the inside. This product is really effective. “

Charmaine Madrono

“My face became less oily and my pores shrank and was definitely less visible. My skin had that glow just after 1 to 2 days. My skin also tightened. I’m super duper loving it. It is just like a glutathione drip. “



Kikay si Kat

“This must be one of the safest weight loss supplement I’ve encountered.”

Jeff Alagar

“This was an overdue, delayed post which I could’ve reviewed earlier, but I wanted to put up a legitimate review about this product because I tried to use it on a perfect time. But even if my competition was cancelled (I’m doing a July 2018 competition instead), CellDiet absolutely helped me a lot in terms of getting that summer-ready body that I’ve wanted. Give it a try for 15 days and you’ll have to see for yourself.”

Mark Banta 

“One diuretic supplement that I can recommend is Celldiet. It can help you rid excess water by increasing the volume of urine. Simply put, when you take a diuretic, you feel like you need to go to the bathroom to pee more often. Celldiet contains Pineapple, Dandelion, Asparagus, Horse chestnut, and Active Seaweed which great ingredients to make you lose weight.”