glutaredoxGlutaredox’s unique method administration sets it apart from other glutathione based products. Asides from that, the patented Oro-FS Release technology makes sure that you get both 100% absorption and high bioavailability. But what does that mean? This means that all of the 250 mg of the product gets absorbed into the body via the blood vessels found in your mouth and then once absorbed, the Oro-FS Release also ensures that the body uses all that 250 mg of the product in the most efficient way possible.

It all starts with how you take Glutaredox. First of all, you do not swallow the tablet. It was not meant to be ingested. You do not also chew it. Glutaredox was meant to be melted. However, as the name of the tablet suggests, you have to melt it in a specific place in order for you to get the desired effect. Glutaredox’s buccal tablets were designed to be melted between the gums and the mouth’s inner lining. Another way of saying this would be putting the tablet between the gums and your cheeks. Just leave it there and let it do what its meant to do.

After the tablet has melted, be sure to not consume any form or food or liquid for at least 30 minutes. 1 hour would actually be better. This step would basically ensure that the product is completely absorbed. After that, you are all done! You can take Glutaredox once a day but you can also take it a maximum of twice a day.

Enjoy the #InstantGlow!

How to take Glutaredox
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