People usually take note that Glutaredox is a glutathione based product. This is true. It has 250 mg of reduced glutathione. People also know that it has vitamin C since glutathione works best with it. People often overlook the other two ingredients, Selenium and L-Cystein. For now, we’ll focus on the former.

It adds another source of antioxidants

Selenium is a very powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and helps defend the body from chronic diseases. Some activities such as smoking and alcohol consumption creates excess free radicals that basically leads to oxidative stress which damage cells. Stress also causes the creations of excess free radicals. So basically, antioxidants, like Selenium, battles all these and keep your cells healthy.

It boosts the immune system

In the same sense, the antioxidants also boosts the immune system of the body. Since it fights off oxidative stress, it reduces inflammation and enhances immunity. Plain and simple. There have been studies that show that increased Selenium levels in the blood are directly related to enhanced immune systems.

It is great for the hair

This also promotes hair growth and reduces dandruff. In fact, most anti-dandruff shampoos contain it. It also uses the protein you get from food to make the hair grow faster. Some doctors usually recommend it when it comes to hair loss.

Glutaredox can be your go to daily food supplement for a natural and glowing you. For more information, please click here.




Glutaredox: the added benefits of Selenium
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